Our Management - Our strength

"Paulachan Maniamkot Communications", lead by Mr. Paulachan Maniamkot is backed up by a team of experienced professionals, with a commendable track-record.

Paulachan Maniamkot
The growth of "Paulachan Maniamkot Communications" is testament to Mr.Paulachan Maniamkot's vision and dedication. But Paulachan isn't your typical businessman. A Social Worker, Politician, and Orator, he is a multi-talented and multidimensional personality. His tale is one of hard work, courage, integrity, compassion and keen business acumen. His legacy never fails to inspire us at "Paulachan Maniamkot Communications", to see farther and reach higher. The team strive relentlessly to live up to his shining example in everything that is done. The team leaders have visited many foreign countries like America, China, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Maldives, Hong Kong,Bahamas etc.. as part of the media trip by popular Newspapers.